Brendan Taylor dances as his coworkers, clockwise from top left, David Johnson, Dimitri Chavez, Vincent Glover, Kyline Puritt and Antonio Barr laugh at him as they take a break from deconstructing a house Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. About 28 young men are participating in a pilot program launched by the Emerson Collective meant to help them learn job skills and find future employment while participating community renewal in many Chicago neighborhoods. One participant, Darius Fox, who was shot four times when he was 17 and spent several years in prison on a gun charge, said “I like working a job. Just to have a job, that feels good, that help you feel better as a man…I ain’t gotta look over my back, I ain’t gotta watch out for the police, I ain’t gotta worry about the police kicking in my door, nobody’s trying to rob me. It’s a blessing. I feel good. I feel like a man.”

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