A man clings to a woman near the body of a gunshot victim laying in the grass at the scene of a fatal double shooting in Ogden Park Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2016, in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The 47-year-old man was walking his dog in the crowded park as people celebrated the holiday when shots were fired from a vehicle and he was struck in the chest. He likely died at the scene. Lacoah Curtis packed up food and picnic supplies as the sun set over the park and police nearby told people the park was closed. Curtis grew up here but hasn’t been to a barbecue in a park in 10 or so years because she fears shootings. When she was in high school, she said, someone who wanted to kill someone else went and found that person, and shot them. But now, “people don’t care about shooting into a crowded park” and hitting innocent bystanders.

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