Mareon Jones, 14, left, and La’Tre Broussard, 23, pick up weed clippings as they help out in the Yoga Gardens space in their neighborhood Sunday, June 10, 2018, in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. Mareon lives two houses down from the gardens, and helps with gardening and participates in yoga practice. Indigo has encouraged him and many other young people to be part of the community to keep them from being caught up with people in the “wrong circles.” “They just love the gardens. Every time they see the door open, or if they see us peek from the corner, they’re yelling to come in. Mareon, if he sees me, riding his bike, he always says ‘Indigo!’ and he comes in,” she said. “I realize like, this place is so special for them. I love it here, I feel so at peace here. But for them like, it’s giving them something to do. It’s giving them a space to go.”

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