40-year-old Lisette poses for a portrait at a gym Thursday, March 4, 2020, in Chicago. She is sexual assault survivor who was told her rape kit would take 2 years to process. Lisette thinks about everything taken from her the night she says she was assaulted. She wonders where it all is. She pictures the evidence box on a shelf, in a warehouse, deteriorating. “It’s just going to sit there and rot,” said Lisette, who asked that her first name only be used. The evidence was collected in a Chicago emergency room last August, after Lisette said she awoke naked and bloody in her apartment. She believes she was drugged. A detective told her the wait to get evidence from her rape kit test could be two years. The rape kit in Lisette’s case is among thousands of pieces of evidence languishing as they await DNA testing in the state of Illinois.

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