People hold hands in prayer during a community gathering in the 5700 block of South Morgan Street Thursday, July 7, 2016 in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. CAPS, the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy, aims to bring members of the department and members of the community together to discuss and potentially solve crimes in neighborhoods across the city. Regular meetings are held in the different police districts and are open to the public. After a four-year-old boy was shot in the back in Englewood in July, CAPS helped organize a gathering on the block. Several officers stood in a circle and held hands with people in the neighborhood and said a prayer to end violence. One preacher spoke: “Even though our presence is necessary here on the corner, as we come together, God, we still want to believe with all that is in us that your presence is always here. God, as we come together as a community to strategize, to listen, to live, to love, God, remind us most of all that you have called us to love you and to love one another…Teach us to love beyond all of our differences, beyond our different backgrounds and our different mindsets. Teach us to love one another the way you have loved us.”

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